Common Questions about Naiko Retreat

Frequently Asked Questions
When can I check in?

Time for check-in is 3pm onwards. We recommend that guests plan to arrive during daylight hours. If you have a special request regarding check-in, please contact the site manager no less than 72 hours before arrival.

When can I check out?

Check out is by 11am. This allows guests to exit up the single lane track before Housekeeping come down the track. If you have a special request regarding check out, please contact the site manager no less than 72 hours before arrival.

Can we bring children?

Naiko was principally designed as an adult luxury retreat, however we do welcome children although it may not be suitable for all children under the age of 12 due to the nature of the activities available.

Can I bring pets?

Naiko Retreat is part of a working sheep farm which is bounded by two national parks. Pets are strictly prohibited for their own safety and for the safety of stock and wildlife.

How do I check availability?

You can easily check availability by going to “Book Now” and click on the “Show Availability” icon. Available dates will appear in green.

How long does it take to get there?

It takes less than two hours to drive to Naiko from the Adelaide CBD. The last 6 kilometres are on unsealed roads with breathtaking views, so we recommend giving yourself ample time to enjoy the drive.

What are the breakfast provisions?

Fresh seasonal and local produce is provided for breakfast. This includes eggs, bacon, milk, yoghurt, bread, butter, jams, fruit and fruit juice as well as a variety of cereals.

If you have special dietary requirements or requests, please contact the site manager no less than 72 hours before arrival.

Can I self cater?

Yes, you can and, in fact, most of our guests do self-cater. The well-equipped kitchen provides everything needed for self-catering and the pantry is well stocked with essential items.

Alternatively, you can order platters, pre-prepared meals or have a dinner party catered at the Retreat by our preferred caterers listed under Dining and Wineries.

Can I bring more than 6 people?

Naiko Retreat has been professionally designed and beautifully appointed to accommodate up to six guests. The retreat cannot accommodate more than the maximum number of guests.

Camping on the property is prohibited. Motorhomes and caravans are also prohibited.

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